Hayleys Agriculture Training School

The Hayleys Agriculture Training School is a registered training institution (Reg. No. P02/0357) under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission which offers agricultural input and technology related training to the Farming community, Field assistance & Field officers, Students, Entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in getting the practical knowledge in Agriculture via demonstrations and practical training based on an interactive and participatory approach. Moreover the Farmer Business School concept focus on developing the knowledge and capabilities of the Sri Lankan farming community on entrepreneurial and enterprise management skills to modernize agri business and demand driven value addition, thereby assisting progression from subsistence agriculture to commercial oriented agriculture. The institution also offers trilingual lecture based Agri technology training services for both public and private sector institutions.

Contact Us

Operational Office: Hayleys Agriculture Training School, D/4 Industrial Estate, Ekala, Ja-ela
Corporate Office: No.25, Foster Lane, Colombo-10
Tel: 0112 688 960, Fax: 0112 697 202
Email: hats@agro.hayleys.com

Head - Hayleys Agriculture Training School
Mr. Vijitha Kumara Silva
Tel: 011 2628 240
Email: Vijitha.Kumara@agro.hayleys.com