KUBOTA NSP-4W Rice Transplanter

KUBOTA NSP-4W Rice Transplanter

The Kubota Model NSP-4W Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter is the ideal choice when taking the first step towards achieving outstanding operational efficiency and enhanced profitability through mechanization. Of the introductory-type, this model features a versatile size that is easily operated with agility and effectiveness even in confined spaces. This translates into incomparably higher operational efficiency with significantly reduced labor costs.






 NSP – 4W

 Weight (kg)


 Fuel Efficiency ( kg/ha)

 2.0 – 4.7

 Wheel Adjustment

 Hydraulic system (up/down)

 Number of Shifting Positions

 Forward 2 (Planting 1) / Reverse 1

 Number of Planting Rows


 Distance Between Rows (cm)


 Hill Space (cm)


 Number of Hills per 3.3 m3


 Planting Depth (cm)

 0.7 – 3.7 (5 positions)

 Planting Speed (m/s)

 0.34 – 0.77

 Operation Efficiency (acre/h)

 0.22 – 0.52


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