Agriculture Advisory Service (Agvize)

We educate Agri community of Good Management Practices (GMP) to maximize the utilization & efficiency of inputs and processes to increase productivity and quality parameters and achieve sustainable yield increments and provide agronomic advisory services in relation to;

  • Integrated Farming Systems – cropping, animal husbandry, fishery, forestry etc
  • Crop selection & recommendations (suitable crop varieties based on agro ecological conditions)
  • Agronomics – Yield Potential, Investment requirements and Agri Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Planting material selection (high quality seeds, seedlings etc)
  • Planting strategies and Cropping Patterns (long term vs intercropping with short term crops based on terrain)
  • Soil management (moisture, toxicity, salinity etc)
  • Irrigation Management (water hydration, drainage etc)
  • Land preparation and stand establishment
  • Nutrient management (fertilizer application based on site, soil , crop etc)
  • Pest management (control of weeds, pests and diseases)
  • Effective control of common field problems such as yellowing, sterility etc.
  • Harvest management (harvesting, threshing, drying and storage including pruning, post-harvest operations etc)
  • Monitoring quality parameters & improving procedures of Agri processors and manufacturers
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Market Linkages and Buy Back arrangements (for commercial farm projects)

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Deputy General Manager
Mr. K.A.K. Boralessa
Tel: 011 262 8241
Mobile: 077 294 2736