Transcending the unique position through our wide portfolio of products and services, Hayleys Agriculture spearheads the Agricultural sector in Sri Lanka since 1950’s. Being among the top ranked firms in the market we also export value-added agro produce to major buyers in the international arena. Business to Business(B2B) activities are combined involving plantation companies and large agriculture establishments, together with our partnerships and retail customers (B2C). This in turn guarantees consumer satisfaction for large scale agriculture projects, as well as for small scale domestic ventures. In addition to the farming community, our goods reach large scale landscape artists, horticulturalists, professional gardeners, poultry and livestock sector stakeholders and the home and industrial pest control segments.

Hayleys Agriculture is renowned as being Sri Lanka’s largest exporter of fruits and vegetables, accounting for 47% of the country’s export market. Our exports include semi processed and processed fruits and vegetables packed and presented to the highest standards in jars, pouches and cans. In the hill country, our hybrid flower seed facility expands over 55,000 square feet of green house facilities, while handling a capacity of 1300kg of flower seeds per annum.

We take pride in representing the international brands such as Bayer Crop Science - Germany, Bayer Health Care - Germany, Monsanto - USA, Nufarm - Australia, Dow AgroSciences - USA, Den Hartigh - Netherlands, Namdhari Seeds - India, Seed Asia – India, Rasi Seeds India, Trammo – USA, Hipra - Spain, Provimi - India, Detia, Degesch - Germany, BASF-Germany, IDEXX Laboratories-USA, Ruralco - Australia, DeLaval – Sweeden, Kubota-Japan , Ensystex – USA, Leili - China and we supply to world renowned brands including McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Nestle, Unilever & Heinz. Our technology partnerships have helped bring the latest agri technologies and products and contributed to enhancing yields and incomes for Sri Lankan farmers in an environmentally sustainable way.

As a socially responsible corporate citizen we constantly support the diverse agriculture communities in the country by sharing our knowledge free of charge through a range of R&D and farmer training initiatives whilst constantly innovating and promoting better use of technology and sustainable agricultural practices. In addition, Hayleys Agriculture has undertaken the task of restoring irrigation tanks in Yapahuwa and Angunakolaplessa as well as setting up of water purification units in other areas where unmet needs exist, in order to strengthen ties with those involved in agricultural livelihoods throughout the country.

Our Vision

The Most Trusted Brand in Agriculture.

Our Mission

Supporting Sustainable Greener Agriculture with Innovation, Quality Inputs and Extension Services.

Our Solutions

Our portfolio of businesses caters to the entire Agri Value Chain and includes Seeds & Planting Materials, Crop Protection Compounds, Agri Equipment, Animal Health Products, Organic and Mineral Fertilizer, Environmental Science Products, Pre and Post Harvest Management Systems & Products, Green House and Protected Agriculture Structures as well as Water Management & Irrigation Systems. Our selection of services includes Pest Management and Landscaping.

Our Exports businesses include Processed & Semi Processed Fruits, Spices and Vegetables, Beverages, Edible Oils, Essential Oils, Aqua Culture, Hybrid Flower Seeds and Tissue Cultured Horticultural & Ornamental, Foliage and Fruit Plantlets.

We also undertake trialing of commercial crops and embark on strategic Agri business projects as well as provide Agri Business advisory and laboratory services and support Agri business investment opportunities and alliances in the region.

We at Hayleys Agriculture honour the trust placed in us by our clientele, and our commitment to staff training and R&D ensures the quality of the products we manufacture.