Our People

Our staff, at Hayley’s Agriculture Holdings Limited, consists of dedicated and qualified professionals who are motivated to share their knowledge in the field of agriculture and agriculture products, as Social Responsibility is primary in our corporate policy. The staff who are divided into eight business divisions within the company are also committed to sharing the experiences they have gained in the industry with those who have joined the field newly. We continuously strive to offer a work environment that is beneficial to the employee as well as the company. Providing career opportunities and incentives such as training in related fields, either locally or overseas, is important to us. We believe in encouraging our team to reach elevated standards and strive for high career goals, as the strength and excellence of the company depends on the achievements of its people. Furthermore, we also have a country wide qualified employee network that allows for customer needs to be addressed at any given time.

Recreation is also important to the physical and emotional well being of employees, as it allows for the positive stimulation of the mind. Therefore our Recreation Club provides our staff with sports facilities in order to guarantee their welfare. Additionally, to strengthen the ties among our employees and promote healthy competition, the Club organizes annual cricket encounters, sports meets and staff excursions.