Hayleys Agriculture Empowering Farmers in the Northern Province: Workshop on Safe and Effective Use of Crop Protection Products – June 2023

The Workshop on Safe and Effective Use of Crop Protection Products was successfully conducted on the 13th of June at the Hayleys Agriculture Jaffna Centre. This training session was organized by the Hayleys Agriculture Training School, with the aim of promoting safe and efficient practices in the use of crop protection products. 

The workshop witnessed active participation from villagers and farmers residing in the area. Attendees had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills related to the responsible application of crop protection products. They were provided with valuable insights on proper handling, storage, and application techniques, ensuring the well-being of both the farmers and the environment. 

The training session served as a platform for sharing best practices and exchanging experiences among the participants. Interactive discussions and practical demonstrations further enriched the learning experience, enabling farmers to adopt safer and more effective approaches in their agricultural activities. 

By organizing such workshops, Hayleys Agriculture continues to contribute to the development of sustainable agricultural practices in the region. The company remains committed to empowering farmers with the necessary knowledge and skills, ultimately fostering a safer and more productive farming community.

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