Introducing the revolutionary Kawashima Seed Paddy Cleaning Machine by Hayleys Agriculture! -September 2023

On the 15th of September 2023, the inaugural installation of the Tiger Kawashima Seed Paddy Cleaning Machine took place at the Thirukkovil Pradeshiya Sabha, marking a significant milestone in agricultural innovation.
The event drew distinguished guests, including Mr. Kamal Nethmini, the Assistant Commissioner of Local Government in Ampara, Mrs. J. Weerapathran, the Acting Secretary of the Thirukkovil PS, from the executive supplier’s end Mr.Keita Kwashima, the MD of Tiger Kawashima; Mr. Eka-Leak Kawaidem , the Sales Manager of Tiger Kawashima; and Mr. Toshifumi Takiuchi, the Deputy General Manager of Sales at Tozai Boeki Kaisha Ltd., Mr. Sumith Herath, Director/BU Head Agri Equipment Division with representatives of Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited and Seed paddy producers from the area graced the occasion.
Among the standout features of the Kawashima Seed Paddy Cleaning Machine was its capability to harness the potential of large, high-quality rice seeds. By utilizing these premium seeds, farmers could significantly enhance both the productivity and quality of their crops with output capacity of 600–1000 kg per hour, operated on a versatile 3-in-1 hybrid design, and featured a robust 750W single-phase power rating.
At the core of this machine lies its high-precision seed paddy sorting function, an advanced technology that meticulously selects only the finest seeds for cultivation. This precision in seed selection facilitated uniform grain size and quality, resulting in an exceptional end product.
Additionally, the Kawashima Seed Paddy Cleaning Machine offered a user-friendly design with simple disassembly and cleaning features, making maintenance a breeze. This ease of cleaning prevented the accumulation of impurities that could impede the sorting process, promoting efficiency and minimizing downtime during the demanding paddy cultivation season.
The paddy sorting process employed by this machine involved three crucial steps: rough sorting, wind sorting, and grain size sorting, all executed with the aid of renowned Japanese technology known for its precision and reliability. The rough sorting stage removed larger impurities, while the wind sorting stage effectively separated lighter impurities such as dust and husks. The final grain size sorting stage ensured uniformity, enhancing the visual appeal and marketability of the paddy.
With the introduction of the Kawashima Seed Paddy Cleaning Machine, Hayleys Agriculture continued to lead the industry by providing innovative solutions to farmers. This state-of-the-art machine seamlessly combined cutting-edge technology with Japanese expertise, promising optimized paddy cultivation and a brighter future for the agricultural sector.
Farmers now have access to the capabilities of the Kawashima Paddy Cleaning Machine to elevate their productivity and the quality of their crops. Hayleys Agriculture remained steadfast in its commitment to empowering farmers with advanced tools and solutions, fostering sustainable and successful paddy cultivation practices.

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