Seed Potato varietal evaluation trials by Hayleys Agro Farms (Pvt) Limited.

Hayleys Agro Farms (Pvt) Limited, in collaboration with Den Hartigh Germany, local authorities, and the farming community, commenced Seed Potato varietal evaluation trials in February this year. Several locations in Nuwara Eliya were selected for this program. The trials were conducted with the objective of finding solutions to the current issues in the production chain with an overaching objective of achieving an ambitious goal of 40Mt/ha. In 1994, Hayleys Agro Farms (Pvt) Limited introduced the popular Seed Potato variety Granola to Sri Lanka, which can withstand a multitude of weather conditions whilst still producing a high yield. The team at Hayleys Agro Farms (Pvt) Limited provides technical advice to farmers, allowing the company to cater to the Seed Potato segment consistently over the past 15 years.